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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Set List Items to View Only Once the Workflow is Approved

27 July 2016 by Ming Man

Ming Man offers a tip on how to set list items to view only once the workflow is approved

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Vlad Catrinescu's MVP Takeover

26 July 2016 by Vlad Catrinescu

Vlad Catrinescu's gives us his thoughts on top blogs and Twitter accounts to follow, as well as eBook and new SharePoint tool recommendations.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Applying JSLink on a Dashboard page

25 July 2016 by Robrecht Van Caenegem

Robrecht Van Caenegem discuss the issues he came across when trying to apply JSLink on a SharePoint dashboard page.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Why Content Management Must Absolutely Follow Business Process

22 July 2016 by Steve Dalby

Microsoft’s SharePoint has made securely storing files for easy access and sharing from any device for business simple—but used wrongly, it could create more problems than it prevents. Steve Dalby discusses why it is important that content management follows business process.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Intranet Names

20 July 2016 by Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson talks about intranet names and why intranet branding is so important.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Beezy Announces Idea Management for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

15 July 2016 by Beezy

New release incorporates idea management capability into existing Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 environments using Beezy, allowing for improved collaboration and enterprise-wide knowledge capture as ideas are tracked from inception through implementation.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

3 features in PowerPoint 2016/Office 365 that can save you time and money

11 July 2016 by Chantal Bosse

Microsoft PowerPoint MVP, Chantal Bossé, outlines 3 features in PowerPoint 2016/Office 365 that can save you time and money

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Is Hybrid Workflow An Important Trend

06 July 2016 by Thuan Nguyen

In the era of digital age, people create content every day and looking for number of different ways to process, automate and store content to make decision. Such an unimaginable amount of data gives IT personnel a headache to prepare infrastructure to store. This concern likely results the investment for cloud. To automate business process with content stored in cloud. This article by Microsoft MVP, Thuan Nguyen, discusses whether Hybrid Workflow is an Important Trend.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Introduction in Microsoft Graph Development (Part 1)

05 July 2016 by Jürgen Schmailzl

Jürgen Schmailzl provides an Introduction to Microsoft Graph Development

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

What is PDF and why we trust it

04 July 2016 by PDF Shareforms

PDF Shareforms discuss what a PDF is and why we trust it.