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Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

What is the Right SharePoint Deployment Option

23 August 2016 by European SharePoint Community

What is the Right SharePoint Deployment Option presented by Azhar Amir

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Live Webinar: SharePoint and Document Automation with Christian Bauer

23 August 2016 by European SharePoint Community

Christian Bauer, presents SharePoint and Document Automation

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Putting People in Their Place

22 August 2016 by Simon Hudson

Assuming the provocative title has piqued your interest into reading, then let me explain… I actually believe that people are the heart of an organisation, but organisations are more than just people. Of course there are all the elements of WHAT an organisation does, HOW it does it and a whole bunch of very important stuff about principles, culture, purpose – the WHY of an organisation

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Global Pharmaceutical Improves Artworks Efficiency By 60%

19 August 2016 by FlowForma

FlowForma enabled our Pharmaceutical client to streamline their artwork process, delivering numerous benefits back to the business.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

How to customise Skype Meeting Broadcast to add Yammer feed

16 August 2016 by Balu Ilag

Balu Ilag explains How to customise the Skype Meeting Broadcast to add Yammer feed.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Someday Soon My Developer May Be a Microservice in the Cloud

15 August 2016 by Nicki Borell

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is not really a new thing, but growing popularity of private and public cloud-based microservices pushes this idea to the next level of software architecture and design. This article explores what microservices are, why their use is increasing and how using them may change the role of traditional software developers.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

PowerApps with SharePoint Deep Dive

12 August 2016 by Usama Wahab Khan

Usama Wahab Khan presents PowerApps with SharePoint Deep Dive

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

Once It Was IT Departments Who Laughed At Users—But Soon Those Users Could Be Having the Last Laugh Back

10 August 2016 by Steve Dalby

With jokes such as “User Error: 1D10T” and tales of woe of incompetent clients, IT departments have often made jokes about clueless users as a way to vent steam—but the tables could soon turn… Steve Dalby tells us why.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

The Cycle of Hype and Diffusion of Innovation

08 August 2016 by Simon Hudson

I’ve been thinking about intranets and user adoption. And not for the first time. We absolutely love Cloudbase, our intranet even though it is one to two generations behind Hadron 8020, the Enterprise Intranet we sell. We know that our clients love their Hadrons, but still we see poor end user survey results sometimes. I want to know why. Simon Hudson looks at the cycle of hype, diffusion of innovation and how to face up to the challenge of getting users to not only adopt your new intranet but actually rather like it.

Sharepoint Europe Blog Post

SharePoint Users: 6 Tips to Search Properly

05 August 2016 by Simon Bain

Search is one of the best features about SharePoint – but before you start searching for the file, take a minute to think about the best way to find it. There are several ways you can improve search results, and here are 6 tips that should help to make your searches more productive and convert a search into a “find.”