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Free Webinar: LINQ to SharePoint by André Vala

10 June 2011 by André Vala, |create|it|

The European SharePoint Conference organization committee has been setting up a series of free SharePoint-related webinars in preparation for the conference. I'll be presenting one of these webinars, next Tuesday, June 14th 2011, at 12PM CET, about LINQ to SharePoint.

The abstract for this webinar is as follows:

Regarding data access, one of the new features introduced with SharePoint 2010 is the possibility to use LINQ to manipulate list items. However, despite being immensely useful, this technology has its own limitations. During this webinar André will talk about what you can and can't do with LINQ to SharePoint, as well as the scenarios where this technology should or should not be applied.

Although it is a free webinar, you must register to be able to attend.

See you all there.

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