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More articles on using SharePoint in learning, education and training

06 September 2011 by John Kleeman

I'm Chairman of Questionmark and I'm speaking at the European SharePoint Conference on  "Measuring Social Learning in SharePoint with Assessments" and thought you might be interested in some recent articles around the web on SharePoint in learning, education and training.

If you're looking at using SharePoint in Higher Education, you might be interested in how University of Lund use quizzes in SharePoint to help engage students - see

This post is not new but it's still very relevant - on the death of the corporate LMS due in part to systems like SharePoint. See

A great list by Ray Fleming of Microsoft Australia with screenshots of ten ofthe best Australian education websites built on SharePoint at He makes the point very well that design is important to have your SharePoint site successful.

Lastly Charles Jennings has posted an interesting blog entry on why the real power of elearning is social at Charles has popularized the 70+20+10 model of learning in Europe - how we learn in work settings 70% from experience, 20% from others and only 10% from study. For many of us SharePoint with its strong search capabilities and ways of learning from others by blogs, wikis and discussions is the vehicle that much of the 70% and 20% happens.

You can see more on SharePoint in learning, education and training at my blog at Look forward to meeting others interested in SharePoint at the conference ...


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