ESPC 2014 - Conference Schedule

Check out the ESPC 2014  programme, which was full of new and exciting topics aimed at IT professionals, developers, business decision makers as well as end users. The 2014 programme covered 6 pre-conference tutorials and more than 100 sessions divided into three specific topics: Cloud and Microsoft Office 365; Enterprise Social, Enterprise Content Management & Best Practices; Solutions & Devices.


Monday 5th May: Pre Conference Tutorials
Tutorials start at 9am and end at 5pm
ADan Holme’s SharePoint MasterClass: Governance
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA
BBest Practice Setup of SQL, SharePoint, WebApps and Workflows with Powershell
Samuel Zuercher, MVP, Experts Inside GmbH, Switzerland
CYammer End User, Power User, and Community Manager Workshop
Joel Oleson, ViewDo Labs, USA
DSharePoint 2013 App Development
Sahil Malik, MVP, Winsmarts, USA
EMicrosoft Business Intelligence: "Power & Simplicity"
Rafal Lukawiecki, Strategic Consultant and Director, Project Botticelli Ltd, Ireland
FSharePoint Admin 101
Chris McNulty, CTO, HiSoftware, USA
Tuesday 6th May
8:45Opening Remarks from Programme Team
9:00Keynote 1: The New World of Work
Simon Skaria, Group Program Manager, Microsoft, USA
10:15Keynote 2: Now We Know, Now We Don’t
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA
11:15Morning Break - Visit the Expo
11:45T1DEVStages: The Best Way to Design, Validate, Monitor, and Improve Workflows
Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA
T2BUS VALUEExternal Collaboration with SharePoint Online and Yammer
Jasper Oosterveld, MVP, Sparked, Netherlands
T3IT PROMigration to SharePoint 2013 – Theory & Practice
Nicki Borell, MVP, Experts Inside, Germany
T4BUS VALUEExploring SharePoint 2013 Enhanced Video and Digital Media
Joel Oleson, ViewDo Labs, USA
T5DEVDeveloping Hybrid SharePoint Apps that Run On-Premise and in the Cloud
Bram de Jager, MCM, Macaw, The Netherlands
T6IT PROClosing the Gap: A Look at the Latest Enhancements in SharePoint Online
Abi Onifade, AvePoint, UK
T7SPECIALGovernance Strategies for SharePoint 2013
Eric Riz, MVP, Concatenate, Inc., Canada
T7XBUS VALUEUpdate on Enterprise Social, Introducing Codename Oslo and Office Graph
Nikos Anagnostou, Microsoft Corp., EMEA TZ
12:45Lunch - Visit the Expo
14:00T8DEVIt's not your Father's SharePoint: New Solution Architecture Paradigms with Sharepoint Server 2013
Adis Jugo, MVP, deroso solutions, Bosnia And Herzegowina
T9BUS VALUEChallenges in Building Out A Hybrid On-Prem/Office 365 Solution
Ben Robb, MVP, Independent Consultant, United Kingdom
T10IT PRODelivering SharePoint As A Service
Anders Skjønaa, SharepointPeople, Denmark
T11BUS VALUEWhy NOW is the Time to Move to Office 365
Matt Berg, Microsoft, USA
T12DEVDesigning Value-Added Digital Services with Cloud Application Model for SharePoint Online
Olli Jääskeläinen, MCM, Innofactor, Finland
T13IT PROImplementing a Hybrid SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 environment
Rene Modery, MVP, 1stQuad Solutions, Switzerland
T14SPECIALRaising End-User Productivity with Social Enterprise and Gamification in SharePoint
Jussi Mori, MVP, Peaches Industries, Finland
T14XITPROAn IT Pro Guide for Deploying and Managing SharePoint 2013 Apps
Randy Williams, AvePoint, USA
15:00Change Rooms
15:15T15DEVWhat's New and What's Coming for OneDrive for Business
Lincoln DeMaris, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft, USA
T16BUS VALUE8 Things to Consider as SharePoint Moves to the Cloud
Christian Buckley, MVP, Metalogix, USA
T17IT PROUpgrading to SharePoint 2013
Sam Hassani, MCM, BrightStarr, UK
T18BUS VALUEYour SharePoint in the Cloud or Not, That is the Question!
Patrick Guimonet, MVP, Abalon, France
T19DEVCreating Standards Compliant Websites on Office 365
Wouter van Vugt, Code Counsel, Netherlands
T20IT PROUnderstanding the Five Layers of SharePoint Security
Michael Noel, MVP, CCO, USA
T21SPECIALPlan To Migrate 50,000 Site Collections To Office 365
Erica Toelle, Caiman Consulting, USA
T21XDEVTransitioning Your SharePoint Solution Model Skills to the New SharePoint App Model
Jeremy Thake, Microsoft, USA
16:15Afternoon Break: Visit the Expo
16:45T22DEVConnecting SharePoint and Windows Apps using Azure Mobile Services
Thorsten Hans, Experts Inside, Germany
T23BUS VALUESharePoint Online vs On-Premises vs Hosted - Making the Right Choice
Rene Modery, MVP, 1stQuad Solutions, Switzerland
T24IT PROPrivacy and Security in SharePoint Online
Matt Swann, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
T25BUS VALUEBusiness Intelligence in Office 365: Power to the People
Serge Luca, MVP & Isabelle Van Campenhoudt, MVP, ShareQL, Belgium
T26DEVHow To Build High-Performance Cross-Platform Mobile Apps for Office 365/SharePoint
Roy Sheinfeld,, Israel
T27IT PROSupporting Architecture for Office 365 on Windows Azure IaaS
Jethro Seghers, MVP, J-Solutions / Flexamit, Belgium
T28SPECIALImplementing ADFS and Hybrid SharePoint
Thorbjørn Værp, Puzzlepart, Norway
T28XIT PROOptimizing SQL Server for Speedy SharePoint
Sahil Malik, MVP, Winsmarts, USA
Wednesday 7th May
9:00Keynote 3: Make Social Successful
Christian Buckley, MVP, Metalogix and Mark Kashman, Microsoft, USA
10:15W1DEVEnhancing SharePoint 2013 Social Capabilities
David Martos, MVP, blue-infinity, Switzerland
W2BUS VALUEWhat’s your Social IQ? Succeeding with SharePoint Social
Chris McNulty,CTO, HiSoftware, USA
W3IT PROWhat You Need To Know About Yammer Before It's Too Late
Matt Berg, Microsoft, USA
W4BUS VALUESo You’ve Got Yammer & SharePoint: What Next?
Naomi Moneypenny, ManyWorlds, Inc., USA
W5IT PROThink You Can Hack SharePoint?
Liam Cleary, MVP, Protiviti, USA
W6DEVFaulty by Design - Top 10 Developer Mistakes
Wouter van Vugt, MVP, Code Counsel, Netherlands
W7BUS VALUEIntroducing K2’s new no-code, cloud based workflow apps for SharePoint platform
Moises Tavira, K2, UK
W7XCloud Business Apps
Peter Carson, MVP, Envision IT, Canada
11:15Morning Break - Visit the Expo
11:45W8DEVYammer for Developers
Christian Glessner, MVP, iLove SharePoint, Germany
W9BUS VALUEHow the New SharePoint/Yammer Platform Will Give You Superpowers
Mark Fidelman, Evolve! Inc, USA
W10IT PROLatest News from OneDrive for Business
Hans Brender, MVP, sqtm PSC GmbH, Germany
W11BUS VALUEThe Natural Law of Collaboration - Where does Collaboration start?
Samuel Zuercher, MVP, Experts Inside, Switzerland
W12IT PROThe Ultimate SharePoint Infrastructure Best Practices Session
Michael Noel, MVP, CCO, USA
W13DEVDeveloper Decisions, Tips and Tricks - Lessons Learnt from Office 365 Projects
Chris O'Brien, MVP, Independent/Content and Code, UK
W14Bus ValueInformation Governance by Design: Proven Practices for Reducing Risk Across Your Enterprise Content
Ralph O’Brien, AvePoint, UK
W14XBUS VALUEWhat’s New with SharePoint 2013 SP1
Nikos Anagnostou, Microsoft Corp., EMEA TZ
12:45Lunch - Visit the Expo
14:00W15DEVA Developers Perspective on the Social Architecture of SharePoint 2013
Paul Swider, RealActivity, LLC, USA
W16BUS VALUEHow to Track, Measure, and Get Business Value Out of Social Influence
Christian Buckley, Metalogix, USA
W17BUS VALUEDriving Success with Enterprise Social
Nina Pattinson and Miguel Garcia, Yammer, UK
W18BUS VALUEThe SHOCKING Secrets of “User Adoption” with SharePoint and Yammer!!
Symon Garfield, MVP, Wipro Technologies, United Kingdom
W19IT PROSharePoint 2013 Sharing and Security
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA
W20DEVHow to Keep the Solution for SharePoint On Premise “Cloud Ready”
Marek Czarzbon, Made in Point, Germany
W21BUS VALUEA Practical Guide for Navigating the Clouds
Mary-Leigh Mackie, AvePoint, UK
W21XITPROAccess Apps for Business Users
Chris McNulty, CTO, HiSoftware, USA
15:00Change Rooms
15:15W22DEVDeveloping Social Solutions with SharePoint Server 2013
Adis Jugo, MVP, deroso solutions, Bosnia And Herzegowina
W23BUS VALUEEnterprise Social Strategies: Make Your Social Intranet a Success
David Bernal, Raona, Spain
W24IT PROWhy we Stopped using E-Mails for Internal Communication
Samuel Zuercher, Experts Inside, Switzerland
W25BUS VALUETen Steps to Creating a SharePoint Support Model
Geoff Evelyn, MVP, SIT, UK
W26IT PROGetting Everything you Ever Wanted out of SharePoint (via PowerShell)
Corey Burke, Rackspace Hosting, UK
W27DEVSharePoint 2013 App Authentication
Radi Atanassov, MCM, MVP, OneBit Software, Bulgaria
W28DEVOne Key, Many Locks: SharePoint Access Governance
Volker Pingen, Dell Software, Germany
W28XBUS VALUEIntroducing Codename Oslo and the Office Graph
Troels Walsted Hansen, Microsoft, Norway
16:15Afternoon Break - Visit the Expo
16:45W29DEVALM for Developing Apps and Sandboxed Solutions Targeting Office 365
Jeremy Thake, Microsoft, USA
W30BUS VALUESocial Business Value Demystified: Real-World Experiences
Edin Kapic, MVP, Beezy, Spain
W31IT PROSo you Think you can crawl? Stretching the Boundaries of SharePoint 2013!
Petter Skodvin-Hvammen, AD-Gruppen, Norway
W32SPECIALHash tag #365
Michael Greth, MVP,, Germany
W33IT PROLessons Learned to Avoid the Pitfalls of Failed SharePoint Projects
John Timney, MVP, Capgemini, UK
W34DEVShareCoffee - Developing SharePoint Apps using CoffeeScript
Thorsten Hans, MVP, Experts Inside, Germany
W35SpecialSharing & Sitemailboxes Under the Hood
Martina Grom, MVP, atwork, Austria
17:45Conference Day 2 Finishes
Thursday 8th May
9:00Keynote 4: Attractive & Collaborative Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI and SharePoint
Rafal Lukawiecki, Strategic Consultant and Director, Project Botticelli Ltd, Ireland
10:15TH1DEVControl Your Taxonomy: Build a Better MMS Management Interface
Ben Robb, MVP, Independent Consultant, UK
TH2BUS VALUESharePoint 2013 BI Scenarios
Andreas Aschauer, Alegri International, Austria
TH3IT ProOffice 365 REST APIs
Peter Carson, Envision IT, Canada
TH4BUS VALUEPowerBI and SharePoint Online
Martina Grom, MVP, atwork, Austria
TH5IT ProRock Your Office 365(SharePoint Online) Search with 13 Easy Tune-Ups
Mikael Svenson, MVP, Puzzlepart, Norway
TH6DEVSharePoint Apps, Past, Present, Future, an Open Discussion Board
Rodrigo Pinto, MVP, Everis, Portugal
TH7SPECIAL7 Ways of Being Effective in SharePoint: Make Business Love You!
Lukasz Wrobel, WEBCON, Poland
11:15Morning Break - Visit the Expo
11:45TH8DEVFive Common Workflow Solution Mistakes and Five Things to Do Instead
Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA
TH9BUS VALUEMaking the Most Out of Your Content: Combining ECM and Enterprise Search
Jeff Fried, BA Insight, USA
TH10IT ProMoving Mountains With SharePoint!
Oliver Wirkus, BridgingIT GmbH, Germany
TH11BUS VALUEAdvanced Analytics for Data Big and Small
Rafal Lukawiecki, Strategic Consultant and Director, Project Botticelli Ltd, Ireland
TH12IT ProCollaborative & Dynamic Intranets With WCM In SharePoint
Daniel Wessels, MVP, deroso solutions GmbH, Germany
TH13DEVSP Apps, New Dev Model, New App Store: The Office Store
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin, LKS, & Alberto Diaz Martin, Encamina, Spain
Th14BUS VALUEMaking SharePoint Strategic
Eric Riz, MVP, Concatenate, Inc., Canada
12:45Lunch - Visit the Expo
14:00TH15DEVCross-Site Publishing in SharePoint 2013
Marwan Tarek, MVP, BrightStarr, UK
TH16IT PROAn IT Pro Guide for Managing SharePoint’s BI Infrastructure
Randy Williams, Avepoint, USA
TH17IT ProSharePoint 2013 Search Analytics
Nicki Borell, MVP, SharePointTalk, Germany
TH18BUS VALUEKanban in SharePoint – SharePoint Without Information Overload
Michal Sobotkiewicz, ObjectConnect e.K., Germany
TH19BUS VALUECreating BI Dashboards Using Visio 2013 & Visio Services
Alan Richards, MVP, Foundation SP, UK
TH20DEVUsing JavaScript Templates To Customise the SharePoint 2013 User Interface
Chris O'Brien, MVP, Independent/Content and Code, UK
TH21SharePoint Online Performance – Designing Your Pages to be Fast
Philip Newman, Microsoft, USA
15:00Change Rooms
15:15TH22DEVEnhance SharePoint 2013 With Responsive Design
Eric Overfield, PixelMill, USA
TH23BUS VALUEBring Your Own Device, Or Bring Your Own Disaster
John Timney, MVP, Capgemini, UK
TH24IT ProSharePoint Continuous Integration With TFS Online & Azure VMs
Matthias Einig, MVP, Rencore, Sweden
TH25BUS VALUEImplementing a Professional Governance Practice for SharePoint
Anders Skjønaa, SharePointPeople, Denmark
TH26IT ProGeolocation: Improving Our BI Systems With SharePoint
Sergio Carrillo Vila & Rubén Pertusa López, SolidQ, Spain
TH27DEVDelivering SharePoint To Portable Devices With Mobile Apps
Bill Ayers, MCM, Flow Simulation Ltd., UK
16:15Conference Day 3 Finishes

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