European SharePoint Conference 2015 - Programme

If you wanted a comprehensive breakdown of the latest innovations in SharePoint and Office 365 technologies including the inside scoop on SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 Next Gen Portals as well as practical, actionable advice on how to leverage SharePoint 2013 to the best of your ability then European SharePoint Conference 2015 was a must in your calendar!

Monday 9th Nov: Pre-Conference Tutorials
All tutorials start at 09:00 and end approximately at 17:00
AThe SharePoint and Office 365 Takeaway: A Mobile Development Workshop (DEV Level 300)
Bill Ayers, MCM, Flow Simulation Ltd., UK
BIntroduction to Azure AD Apps and Office 365 APIs (DEV Level 400)
Daniel Wessels, MVP, deroso Solutions GmbH, Germany
CPower Users Guide to SharePoint 2013 (End User Level 200)
Asif Rehmani, MVP, VisualSP (formerly SharePoint-Videos), USA
DYammer and Office 365 Productivity Master Class (End User Level 200)
Christian Buckley, MVP, Beezy, USA
ESharePoint 2013 Branding from Start to Finish (DEV Level 200)
Matthew Hughes, MCTS, Flucidity Ltd, UK
FProfessional Workflow Solutions with Microsoft SharePoint Online (DEV Level 300)
Paolo Pialorsi, MVP,, Italy
GAdvanced Microsoft Business Intelligence Approaches (ITPRO Level 300)
John P White, UnlimitedViz Inc., Canada
HSharePoint 2013/Office 365 Admin MasterClass (ITPRO Level 400)
Chris McNulty, Microsoft, USA
Tuesday 10th Nov - Conference Schedule
8:45Programme Team Welcome
9:00Keynote 1: The Modern Workplace: Evolution of SharePoint and Office 365
Jeff Teper, Seth Patton & Bill Baer, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
10:15Keynote 2: The Future is About Looking Back
Geoff Evelyn, MVP, SIT, UK
11:15Morning Break - Visit the Expo
11:45T1BusinessGet Innovative Or Get Dead: How To Build a ‘Responsive Organisation' (Level 400)
Symon Garfield, MVP, Deloitte, UK
T2Business Office Graph and Delve: The "Big Bang" of Findability and Discoverability
Dan Holme, IT Unity, USA
T3IT PROSP2016 - What You Need to Know (Level 200)
Adeel Ahmed, Microsoft, Norway & Yusuf Moraby, Microsoft, UK
T4ITPROHybrid Search Bonanza - Cloud SSA vs Custom Claims Provider and Security Trimmer (Level 400)
Petter Skodvin-Hvammen, Puzzlepart, Norway
T5DEVOffice 365 Patterns and Practices - the Future of the SharePoint Developer (Level 300)
Radi Atanassov, MCM, OneBit Software, Bulgaria
T6DEVGoing Mobile with the Office 365 APIs (Level 300)
Bill Ayers, MCM, Flow Simulation Ltd., UK
T7ITPRORe-engineering the SharePoint Migration (Level 300)
Corey Burke, Rackspace Hosting, UK
T8DEVMicrosoft SharePoint Online Performance: Designing Your Pages to Be Fast (Level 300)
Serge Luca, MVP, ShareQL, Belgium & Patrick Guimonet, MVP, Abalon, France
12:45Lunch Break - Visit the Expo
14:00T9BusinessExploring the Potentials of Skype for Business (Level 100)
Malin De Silva, Exilesoft, Sri Lanka
T10BusinessFUBAR - 101 Ways to Make Your SharePoint Workflow Project Fail
Lukasz Wrobel and Michal Rykiert, WEBCON, Poland
T11ITPROData Loss Prevention in Office 365 and SharePoint Online (Level 200)
Jethro Seghers, MVP, BitTitan, USA
T12DEVBring Your Business Solutions Into Our Office Clients Using HTML & JavaScript [level 200]
Jeremy Thake, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
T13DEVDo's and Don'ts for Office 365 Development (Level 400)
Chris O'Brien, MVP, Independent/Content and Code, UK
T14DEVTransitioning WSP Solutions to Office 365 (Level 300)
Randy Williams, AvePoint, USA
T15ITPROExpanding User Profiles with Line of Business Data (Level 300)
Patrick Curran, Planet Technologies, USA
T16DEVEvolving Delve and the Office Graph (Level 100)
Stefan Ashall & Viral Shah, Microsoft Norway
15:00Change Rooms
15:15T17BusinessBI in O365, Power to the People, One Year Later (Level 200)
Serge Luca, MVP, & Isabelle van Campenhoudt, MVP, ShareQL, Belgium
T18BusinessMyths and Facts about Corporate Social Networks (Level 100)
Javier Menendez Pallo, ENCAMINA, Spain
T19IT PROThe Four Pillars of Enterprise Search Strategy (Level 200)
Joel Oleson, Konica Minolta, USA
T20Pioneering Award for Startup Excellence – Finalist Pitches
T21DEVReal-World Lessons for Provider-Hosted Office 365 Apps Built on Azure (Level 300)
Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA
T22DEVExtreme Branding for SharePoint and Office 365 (Level 400)
David Martos, Blue Infinity, Switzerland & Maria Bellmunt, Spenta Consulting, Spain
T23ITPROCloudbreaking – Business Intelligence Engineering for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 (Level 300)
Chris McNulty, Microsoft, USA
T24ITPROCloser look at the new Cloud Hybrid Search Solution (Level 300)
Donald Hessing, MCM, Capgemini, Netherlands
16:15Afternoon Break - Visit the Expo
16:45T25BusinessEvolving the IT Pro to VNext (Level 100)
John Timney, MVP, Capgemini, UK
T26DEVDevelop, Build, Package and Deploy Apps for Office with Visual Studio (Level 300)
Bram de Jager, MCM, Macaw Workplace Solution, Netherlands
T27ITPROCheap and Fast Dev Environments with Microsoft Azure (Level 300)
Michael Kirst-Neshva, MVP, ANK Business Services GmbH, Germany
T28End User SharePoint Governance: stories, myths, legends and real life (Level 200)
Toni Frankola, MVP, Acceleratio Ltd, Croatia
T29DEVCreate Azure-hosted Modern Cloud Business Web Apps for Office 365 (Level 300)
Marius Constantinescu, MVP, blue-infinity SA, Switzerland
T30ITPROCustom Code - The Missing Piece of the SharePoint Governance Puzzle (Level 300)
Matthias Einig, MVP, RENCORE, Sweden
T31ITPROAzure AD For IT Pros: What is in it For Me, and How it Plays With Office 365? (Level 200)
Daniel Wessels, MVP, deroso Solutions GmbH, Germany
T32DevPractical Strategies for SharePoint and Responsive Web Design
Eric Overfield, PixelMill, USA
18:00HackathonDevLIVE Hackathon at ESPC15 with Jeremy Thake
Jeremy Thake, Microsoft Redmond, USA
Wednesday 11th Nov - Conference Schedule
9:00Keynote 3: Collaboration in the Cloud: Surviving the Storm
Dan Holme, MVP, IT Unity, USA
10:15W1BusinessWeb Analytics - Steps to Help You Choose the Right Tool (Level 100)
Geoff Evelyn, MVP, SIT, UK
W2End UserWorkflow & Forms Special - K2, Nintex, WEBCON and Office 365 Power User Shootout (Level 200)
Moderated by Andrej Doms, ConVista Consulting AG, Germany
W3ITPROAutomating your SharePoint Deployments with TFS and Build Server (Level 200)
Vlad Catrinescu, MVP, vNext Solutions, Canada
W4ITPROWhat’s new in OneDrive for Business
Douglas Pearce, Microsoft, USA
W5DEVTest-driven Development with SharePoint, Office 365 and Visual Studio (Level 300)
Bill Ayers, MCM, Flow Simulation Ltd., UK
W6DEVDeciding between SharePoint Add-ins and Office 365 apps (Level 400)
Chris O'Brien, MVP, Independent/Content and Code, UK
W7DEVDeveloping Search-driven Applications with SharePoint, the Office Graph and Azure Search (Level 300)
Jeff Fried, BA Insight, USA
W8End UserA Day in the Life of a Workflow Power User
Patrick Hosch, Nintex, Austria & Simon Wright, Nintex, UK
11:15Morning Break - Visit the Expo
11:45W9End UserWhy Office 2016 - The Desktop Advantage (Level 200)
Malin Dandenell, MVP, Learningpoint, Sweden
W10BusinessFive Ways to Ensure 100% Adoption of Office 365 (Level 100)
Christian Buckley, MVP, Beezy, USA
W11ITPROPowerShell DSC, A New Approach in Deploying SharePoint Environments (cloud /on-prem ) (Level 300)
Rodrigo Pinto, MVP, Blue Infinity, Portugal
W12ITPROMobile Device Management in Office 365 (Level 300)
Senthamil Selvan, MVP, Xchanging Pte Ltd, Singapore
W13DEVAssuring the Code Quality of SharePoint Solutions and Apps (Level 300)
Matthias Einig, MVP, RENCORE, Sweden
W14DEVArchitecting Cloud Solutions with Azure and Office 365 (Level 300)
Daniel Wessels, MVP, deroso Solutions GmbH, Germany
W15IT PROOffice 365 SharePoint Hybrid – What’s New & Roadmap
Bill Baer, MCM, Microsoft, USA
W16BusinessTieto and AvePoint - Governance Automation and Private Clouds from a Service Provider's Perspective
Timo Wuoma, Tieto, Finland & John Peluso, AvePoint, US
12:45Lunch Break - Visit the Expo
Women in Technology Lunch: The Marriage of Theatre and Technology – Building a Big Beautiful Brand (Women Only)
Heather Newman, Content Panda, USA
14:00W17End UserBuilding No-Code Collaboration Solutions on Office 365 (Level 200)
Dragan Panjkov, MVP, K2NE GmbH , Bosnia and Herzegovina
W18BusinessSharePoint Success is Serious Business - Putting an Internal SharePoint Practice Together (Level 200)
Hilton Giesenow, MVP, Experts Inside, South Africa
W19IT PROSystem Center & SharePoint On-Prem (Level 300)
Matija Blagus, Acceleratio Ltd., Croatia
W20IT PROEnforcing Governance with PowerShell and CSOM on SharePoint Online (Level 300)
Nuno Oliveira Costa & João Oliveira, Microsoft, Portugal
W21DEV JavaScript for C# Developers, Making the Move (Level 400)
Hugh Wood, Rencore AB, UK
W22DEV Federating Applications with Office 365 using Azure Active Directory (Level 300)
Paolo Pialorsi, MCM,, Italy
W23BusinessDirty Little Secrets of Office 2016: What You Need to Know
David Lavenda,, USA
W24ITPROThe Slippery Slope of Migrating to SharePoint Online or On-Premise (Level 200)
Adam Levithan, Metalogix & Jill Hannemann, Portal Solutions, USA
15:00Change Rooms
15:15W25BusinessBuild a Knowledge Social Network with O365, Yammer and Office Graph (Level 200)
Nicolas Georgeault, Negotium Technologies, Canada
W26End UserOffice for Mac 2016 - What's New, What's Cool, What's Missing (Level 100)
Andreas Wennborg, Learningpoint AB, Sweden
W27BusinessWhen Deadlines Rule - What to do When You Must Deliver in 2 Weeks
Michal Rykiert and Lukasz Wrobel, WEBCON, Poland
W28BusinessIKON – Using SharePoint 2013 as a complete EDRMS, intranet and knowledge management solution for a large (9,500+) organisation.
Barry Byrne, Irish Defence Forces, Ireland
W29DEV Responsive Design in SharePoint 2013 (Level 300)
Christian Ståhl, MVP, eVolution Interactive Sthlm, Sweden
W30DEV Developing native and SharePoint Apps using Office 365 APIs (Level 300)
Falak Mahmood, TechNspire AB, Sweden
W31DEV Migrate Full Trust Code Solution to Cloud App Model: Step by Step (Level 300)
Rodrigo Pinto, MVP, Blue Infinity, Portugal
W32IT PRODouble Up! – Migrating to SharePoint on Azure and Office 365 (Level 300)
Chris McNulty, Microsoft, USA
16:15Afternoon Break - Visit the Expo
16:45W33End UserCool Dashboards, Charts and Visualizations for Power Users (Level 200)
Benjamin Niaulin, MVP, Sharegate, Canada
W34End User Real World Information Management with OneNote and the Cloud (Level 200)
Michael Greth, MVP,, Germany
W35IT PROPersonal productivity insights, coaching and self-awareness with Delve Analytics
Warren Johnson, Microsoft, USA
W36IT PROPowerShell: SharePoint Admins Best Friend (Level 300)
Markus Bütterhoff, amexus Informationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
W37DEV Introduction to AngularJS in an Office 365 context (Level 300)
Sebastien Levert, MVP, Negotium Technologies, Canada
W38DEV Building Office 365 Apps with the Azure AD Graph API (Level 300)
Radi Atanassov, MCM, OneBit Software, Bulgaria
W39DEV Building Your Own Apps on the Yammer Platform (Level 200)
Naomi Moneypenny, MVP, ManyWorlds, USA
W40IT PROMigrate 3000 Users and 1100 Apps from Lotus Notes into Office 365. Learn How! (Level 300)
Arno Flapper, Axians Communications Solutions, Netherlands
Thursday 12th Nov - Conference Schedule
9:00Keynote 4: It's Not Only About SharePoint Anymore
Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA
10:15Th1BusinessOneDrive for Business - Much More than a File Share
Erica Toelle, Protiviti SharePoint Solutions, USA
Th2DEV Make SharePoint SASSy (Level 300)
Stefan Bauer, MCSD, N8D, Austria
Th3IT PROPower BI - The New Way to Quickly Build Powerful Dashboards (Level 300)
Knut Relbe-Moe, MVP, Knowledge Factory, Norway
Th4IT PROInside SharePoint Apps Security (Level 400)
Paolo Pialorsi, MVP,, Italy
Th5DEV Developers Perspective on the Social Architecture of SharePoint 2016 and Office 365 (Level 300)
Paul J. Swider, RealActivity, USA
Th6IT PROSharePoint Performance Monitoring and Trouble Shooting (Level 400)
Donald Hessing, MCM, Capgemini, Netherlands
Th7End UserMaking Everyone an Innovator: How Business Apps Will Change Your Company Culture
Moises Tavira, K2, UK
Th8End UserBranding Office 365
Sonja Madsen, SONJASAPPS, Denmark
11:15Morning Break - Visit the Expo
11:45Th9BusinessMicrosoft Office 365 or Windows Azure – Have it Your Way (Level 200)
Abi Onifade, AvePoint UK Ltd, UK
Th11MVP/MCM Panel Session – The Future of SharePoint in an Office 365 World
Dan Holme, Chris McNulty, Christian Buckley, Michelle Caldwell, Donald Hessing , Paolo Pialorsi & Bill Ayers
Th12End UserHow to run effective project management with the help of Office 365 and Project Online
Magnus Holmlid, Sweden
Th13DEV Deploying artifacts to Office 365 and SharePoint using PowerShell (Level 300)
Erwin van Hunen, MCM, Knowit Reaktor Stockholm AB, Sweden
Th14DEV Extending Authentication and Authorization (Level 300)
Edin Kapic, MVP, Sogeti, Spain
Th15BusinessGo 100% digital with e-signatures for fast, successful transactions
Larry Kluger, DocuSign, Israel
12:45Lunch Break - Visit the Expo
14:00Th17BusinessOffice 365 Video – Why and How? (Level 200)
Maarten Eekels, Portiva, Netherlands
Th18DEV Form-Based Solutions: You're (Possibly) Doing it Wrong (Level 200)
Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex, USA
Th19IT ProSharePoint Patching & Automation: Happily Ever After
Haitham Chatta, Microsoft, Ireland
Th20ITPROWhat is New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server vNext (Level 300)
Samuel Zuercher, MVP, Experts Inside GmbH, Switzerland
Th21DEV Content Recommendation with SharePoint Search (Level 300)
André Vala, |create|it|, Portugal
Th22IT PROOneDrive - Next Gen Sync Client (Level 200)
Hans Brender, MVP,, Germany
Th23DEV Provider-Hosted Apps.... The Real Stuff (Level 300)
Bjoern H Rapp, MVP, Sopra Steria, Norway
Th24DEV Patterns in Apps for SharePoint (Level 300)
Sonja Madsen, MVP, SONJASAPPS, Denmark
15:00Change Rooms
15:15Th25BusinessTales From The Trenches: The ASTONISHING Story Of Enterprise Social At One Of The World’s Leading Organisations
Symon Garfield, MVP, Deloitte, UK
Th26DEV SharePoint Intranet of Things (Level 300)
Melanie Culver, ORBIS Austria GmbH, Austria
TH27DEVDeep Dive Into Building Outlook Add-ins [level 300]
Jeremy Thake, Microsoft, Redmond, USA
Th28IT PROIntegrating SharePoint with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Level 200)
Fabrice Di Giulio, AvePoint, France
Th29DEV Real-World Cloud-Hosted Apps with Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) (Level 300)
Falak Mahmood, TechNspire AB, Sweden
Th30IT PROMicrosoft Office 365 Groups Deep Dive
Knut Relbe-Moe, Knowledge Factory, Norway
Th31DEV Extending Office 365 Business Solutions Using Cortana, Siri and Google Now (Level 400)
Paul J. Swider, RealActivity, USA
Th32DEV Universal Windows App Development With Office 365 API (Level 300)
Senthamil Selvan, MVP, Xchanging Soltn Pte Ltd., Singapore

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